@GoASU Memorable Games 22-24

Catching up with the GoASU memorable games countdown starting on July 4th.

Game 24: Men’s Soccer 1, Coastal Carolina 0

Without a doubt, this was our best guess of the countdown. We had this game ranked #23. Coastal was not ranked, but had just beaten a ranked team. Shutouts were the key to Appalachian’s season as they totaled ten shutouts on the season. This gives a much needed victory and moves us to 3/7 on the countdown.

Game 23: Softball 7, Western Carolina 3

This was an absolute whiff on our part. How could we forget a walkoff grand slam against Western Carolina? We chose the 3-2 win over Georgia Southern, who was one of the best teams in the conference, at #30 on our countdown. This drops us to 3/8 for the challenge.

Game 22: Men’s Tennis 5, Charleston 2

This was a rather easy game to pick despite us ranking this game at the #29 spot. Charleston has been a leader in SoCon Tennis for years and this was a big win for the Mountaineers.

Almost one third of the way through the challenge, we sit 4/9, which is respectable, as the countdown should get easier the rest of the way. At this point we have appearances from both Tennis, Cross Country and Soccer teams. Field Hockey,Volleyball and Softball have also been represented.


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