Appalachian State Basketball: Appalachian @ Tennessee Tech 11/19/2011

This game was the return of the return trip from the ESPNU Bracketbusters game that Appalachian won in February 2010. Generally, the team who hosts the game in the spring returns the home games to the visiting school the following basketball season, usually in the beginning of the season. Appalachian forgot to schedule officials for the game in November 2010, so the game was rescheduled for November 2011. I had a good feeling about this game, and had general optimism for the team. The line was set at +7, so the Mountaineers were underdogs on the road for the first time in the young season. I quickly jumped on the Mountaineers.

Appalachian won the game 68-63, so they not only covered the spread by 12, but also won straight up. My record on the season improved to 1-0.


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