100 days!!!

The 14th Annual GreatAppSt Countdown starts right now!!! :D
Yes, It’s that time again girls n’ boys, WOOOOT!!!

Fall weather, outdoor culinary delights, good spirits, ;-} and gatherings of friends young and old will soon be here.

I know that if you’re here reading this (again)you’re looking forward to football with as much enthusiasm and anticipation as I am.
14 Years and still going strong, I’d like to thank all the fans from many teams and different boards, who have joined in and expressed their enjoyment of the countdown over many years. Again, it has been and is still a great pleasure for me to do the countdown for Y’all.

Now on to the same ol’ yearly intro!!!!

The G.A.S. Countdown is NOT just the often used, automatic backwards clock ticker (when I started this there were no others of any kind that I could find and trust me I looked). This countdown IS a work of passion for the enjoyment of others and myself. The G.A.S. countdown IS the often IMITATED but never duplicated ORIGINAL (like a Coney Island hot dog) build up to a new season of thrills, chills, and spills. Fun for ALL and all are welcomed along for the (like all Italian pizzeria’s claim), Worlds Best Countdown!

1.) This is the G.A.S. Countdown.

2.) Only full 24 hr Calendar days
left before 12:01am of gameday are counted. The day before gameday is counted at Zero, as are only hours are left then.

4.) Barring catastophic events the day will be posted this is my pledge. Please be patient it may be later in the evening before I have a chance to post.


ERIC aka G.A.S.

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