Tailgate Menu 2012

Sat, Aug 18 Fan Fest
Burgers & Hot Dogs

Sat, Sep 8 Montana

Sat, Sep 15 The Citadel
Baby Back Ribs

Sat, Sep 29 Coastal Carolina
Fried Chicken

Sat, Oct 6 Elon (Homecoming) *
Traditional Thanksgiving – Fried & Smoked Turkey and fixins

Sat, Oct 20 Wofford
Pork Butt

Sat, Nov 10 Furman (Black Saturday)

Some of you may wonder, why is the Montana game undecided upon?? Well, a good majority of us will have to miss that game, so it will be up to remaining members to work something out. Talk among yourselves, and work out something that is good for all.

Secondly, we might, switch the Coastal Carolina game and Citadel game around. In the past, the Coastal game would match up for being the night game, usually starting at 6pm. However, we have also had The Citadel as a night opponent as well. It always makes more sense to do Ribs for the night game to allow for cook time, so we will keep an eye out for the kickoff times to be released later this summer.

By now, everyone knows the drill. We have plenty of funds left over from last year to give us a good start on buying supplies for this season. We have done the $50 for singles, $100 for couples for a couple of years now, and luckily we have been able to stay ahead of inflation. Also, donating on a game by game basis works just as well.

Last season was monmumental, winning the Tailgate of the Year award, and becoming the first tailgate to win the award twice. Can we win it again? Sure, we have the goods to do it. However, it is not very likely to repeat. Still, that should not stop us from being the best we can be on a weekly basis, which we all know, is better than anyone else has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Tailgate Menu 2012

  1. Remember when the ECU game and the Montana game switched weekends because of the SEC scheduling conflicts? That’s why we have to miss it. A wedding was planned around it originally, but no longer is the case. Believe me, it hurts.

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