In case you missed it

This is terribly sad. So far this season, we have had the unfortunate misspelled basketball uniform. And now we have the six foot free throw, which is being called worldwide, the “Worst Free Throw Ever”. When I was listening to the Appalachian State broadcast, and heard Voice of the Mountaineers David Jackson explain the situation, I thought nothing of it. Jackson can sometimes stretch the truth, and I just assumed the it was bad air ball. Then I saw it early Sunday morning, and couldn’t believe what I saw. Brian Okam has been picked on plenty in this corner of the internet. From his lack of coordination to his inability to play more than 15 minutes in a game without fouling out. On this night, Okam hit one of his four free throw attempts, but none missed worse than this one.

I wish I could tell you what happened. There is no way the ball slipped out of his hand. A slip would have looked even more awkward. Take away the fact that there was a rim and backboard to aim at, it was a well arched toss of the ball. The only thing that I can imagine is that the ball was shot with way to much fingertip and not enough fingers and palm. Regardless of what happened, this is a microcosm of what this program has become, which is an absolute joke. Don’t get us wrong, there are pieces of this team that are doing things the right way, and unfortunately, they have been caught up in this. However, it is not even January yet, and this season cannot end soon enough. Luckily, we have the Women’s team to get behind, and baseball season is just a little over two months away.

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