Men’s Basketball @ Chattanooga

App basketball is getting 7.5 tonight at UTC. I’ll take the Mocs in this one.

— (@bigCasu) March 1, 2014


App has scored a whopping ten points in the second half.

—  (@bigCasu) March 1, 2014


When Obacha is your leading scorer…

—  (@bigCasu) March 2, 2014

@bigCasu ….you score 44 points and lose by 19.

— App Hoops (@AppHoops) March 2, 2014


All Capel talks about is playing for March. Well, it’s March and nothing has changed. It’s over in less than a week.

—  (@bigCasu) March 2, 2014

The end result was a 63-44 Mountaineer loss. Chalk another one up for the good guys, who sadly picked against Appalachian.

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