UALR looks for rare road win

1:12 PM: @bigCasu: App is a slight favorite tonight by a point. ML gives a better layout to UALR. Wouldn’t be shocked if it moved a half point to lose the push

6:59 PM: @bigCasu: UALR is awful on the road. So I am gonna grab this one point for the Apps. Would be bigger if it wasn’t our worst game of season earlier.

8:20 PM: @bigCasu: Big difference from last meeting. App scored 46, while today, building on 37 before half.

8:23 PM: @bigCasu: Both teams shooting over 50% at half. Apps threes cancelled by UALR free throws.

8:31 PM: Burgess with 16 first half points, mainly because Frank Eaves saddled with foul trouble. Eaves hasn’t scored tonight, which has to be the first time he hasn’t scored in the first half this season. Didn’t check, but it totally makes sense.