@GoASU Memorable Games #1

Catching up with the GoASU memorable games countdown starting on July 4th

Game 1: Trotman and Blevins earn All-America status

We missed the moment on our entire countdown, but it does not take away from the accomplishments of Austin Trotman and Kyle Blevins. We totally goofed in thinking the countdown was about actual games versus memorable moments. The team and individual performances by track and field and wrestling made this countdown more about moments, compared to one particular athletic event.

We finish the countdown with 18 correct guesses out of 30, however the winner of the challenge correctly guessed 17 moments. Something must have happened in the process of submitting our entry. Maybe we typed in the same moment twice. Maybe our entry was never submitted. Maybe, the tiebreaker went to Jefferson Waugh considering we were already receiving a media guide in the mail with our Yosef donations. So, let us double check our guesses against GoASU.

Our list included:

  1. Baseball defeating LSU 11-1, winning the series. Big C: 2  GoASU: 11
  2. Baseball defeating UVa in NCAA Rregional play. Big C: 3  GoASU: 2
  3. Football defeats #1 Georgia Southern at home. Big C: 4  GoASU: 3
  4. Wrestling dethrones champion Chattanooga 21-17.  Big C: 5  GoASU: 13
  5. Women’s Basketball rallies past NC State in WNIT. Big C: 6  GoASU: 4
  6. Baseball defeats Oklahoma in NCAA Regional Opener. Big C: 7  GoASU: 14
  7. Women complete Track sweep with Outdoor Title. Big C: 8  GoASU: 6
  8. Baseball rallies past WCU in the 9th to clinch SoCon:  Big C: 9  GoASU: 5
  9. Women’s Basketball pounds UTC in SoCon Semifinal:  Big C: 12  GoASU: 17
  10. Volleyball turns back NC State in home opener.  Big C: 13  GoASU: 29
  11. Men’s Track wins Outdoor Title at SoCon meet.  Big C: 14  GoASU: 7
  12. Women’s Indoor Track wins title at SoCon.  Big C: 16  GoASU: 9
  13. Men’s Golf wins Hummingbird Invitational.  Big C: 17  GoASU: 16
  14. Women’s Golf wins Low Country Intercollegiate. Big C: 19  GoASU: 15
  15. Men’s Basketball upsets Charleston in SoCon Tourn.  Big C: 20  GoASU: 19
  16. Men’s Soccer knocks off Coastal Carolina 1-0.  Big C: 23  GoASU: 24
  17. Field Hockey gets first win at Radford.  Big C: 26  GoASU: 30
  18. Men’s Tennis defeats College of Charleston 5-2.  Big C: 29  GoASU: 22

In the grand scheme of things, whether Jefferson won or we did does not really matter. After double checking with links it appears we may have confused an indoor track moment with an outdoor track moment. GoASU used an outdoor photo for the article on the indoor team winning, while using a cross country photo to explain an outdoor track and field title. Who really knows what happened??


@GoASU Memorable Games 15-10

Catching up with the GoASU memorable games countdown starting on July 4th.

Game 15: Women’s Golf Repeats at Low Country

This was a pretty simple pick. Like the Men’s golf team, this was their only tournament victory of the season so we felt confident about this pick. Most likely the only appearance by the Women’s golf team on the countdown. Yue Xu added on to her stellar career with a third place overall finish. This victory gets us back to. 500 on the countdown at 8/16.

Game 14: Baseball 5, Oklahoma 4, NCAA Regional opener

We obviously had this game ranked on our countdown, but we were way off in ranking it. We had this ranked at #7, considering how long it had been since the baseball team even appeared in the NCAA tournament, much less get a win in the opening game. Ryan Arrowood took a no-hitter deep into the game and the Mountaineers held off the Sooners in the final innings. We will take the win in the countdown to move us to 9/17, but this was still somewhat of a miss. We just thought this game meant so much more.

Game 13: Wrestling 21, Chattanooga 17

With consecutive games, or moments we have misjudged the importance of a game to a particular team. We had this game ranked at #5 in our countdown. This was the match that wrestling had to win to have a chance at winning the title and they took to the road and made it happen. We will still take it and that moves our record to 10/18, with our third straight victory.

Game 12: Relay Squad breaks school record, finished 14th at Nationals

Let’s call this miss a baseball hangover. This was a memorable moment but it occurred in the shadows of the baseball season. It’s a miss for us and we totally whiffed on putting this in our countdown. Our winning streak comes to a halt at three and dropped us to 10/19 for the challenge.

Game 11: Baseball wins series with 11-1 beating of LSU

This one does not make sense to us. This game we felt had potential to be considered at the top spot for the most memorable games. This game or moment coming in at 11th is confusing. We had this game ranked at the #2 spot overall. Either the 1-0 win over LSU in baseball is more memorable than the series clinching win or it does not make the countdown. We are not buying it, but will gladly take the win to move us to 11/20 in the countdown.

Game 10: Wrestling 39, Davidson 10

This one is more confusing than Game 11. This game is the equivalent of beating Western in football to win the conference title. You have to do it, and yes, the result gives you an outright title, but is winning the game memorable? In Wrestling, 39-10 is a beat down. It is very similar to a 60-21 football win. Yeah the match starts without a score, but it was over before it started. Mark us down for a top ten miss and our tenth miss and this likely puts us out of the running (11/21) for winning the challenge.